International Coaching

Future focused accompaniment for positive lasting change

The word ‘coach’ is used for many different things,
in many different ways.

As an accredited ICF coach, coaching for me is defined as a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing participant.

It can be proposed on an individual or collective basis and really offers the client an opportunity for personal and professional development. It’s a non-judgmental process, which means that a coaching session should be an advice-free zone.

It should work as a catalyst for someone to find their own future focused solutions. I’ve added ‘international’ to my form of coaching because I can propose sessions in English as well as French and my intercultural knowledge informs the individual and team coaching sessions I propose.

How it works


We discuss the positive change/s you want to make and I listen carefully to understand the underlying issues. After gathering as much relevant info as possible, I propose a customised solution.


After studying as much relevant information as possible, I propose a tailor-made solution..


It’s essential that both management and the coachee are committed to making positive changes, so a tri-partite agreement is put in place to ensure that objectives, the definition of success and the best on-going support are agreed and understood by all parties.


Coaching is adapted to your needs and also to how many objectives you set for yourself, your manager or your team.


Once coaching is complete, le coachee gives clear feedback. They will also define how and when they will follow their own development. This will be measured and discussed in follow up coaching sessions.

Measure ROI

Once follow up coaching sessions are complete, the coachee and management are interviewed to assess the impact of the programme on individual / team behaviour and ultimately business development.

International Leadership

Kay proposes high quality and relevant coaching. Her absolute respect for confidentiality allowed us to work with confidence and in depth on difficult subjects. I discovered during the coaching that there was a lot of emotion in my management style. I was able to step back and implement more pragmatic strategies to serve my goal: to ensure that teams understood my vision and collaborated positively. Her coaching does not impose anything but is about proposing different ways of thinking. A sensitive role, but very well fulfilled by Kay. Thanks to her, I was able to work on my role as a “leader” in an international group and developed more serenity and self-confidence.


Valérie Rénault-Hoarau Directeur Général Delta Dore (2008 – 2018)