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Workshops are designed in collaboration with companies and groups according to specific needs. I focus on culture, collaboration and conflict resolution. Here are a few examples:

intercultural agility


• Awareness of ‘culture’ and how it influences attitudes, values and perceptions.

• A better understanding of your own culture and how it influences your actions.

• A deeper comprehension about the role of culture in business

• Improved knowledge of how cultural differences impact business practices

• Ability to interact more effectively with international colleagues.

coaching skills for managers


• Learning from different management communication experiences.

• Increased awareness of different management styles.

• Understanding the link between collaboration and coaching techniques

• An awareness of coaching principles.

• Ability to apply new principles in a professional context.

confidence in conflict resolution


• Awareness of the ways in which conflict is created.

• Recognizing the key steps to follow in the event of conflict.

• Enhanced knowledge of the concept of emotional intelligence.

• Ability to apply learning in a professional context.

“Kay gives workshops in a very effective way. She explains concepts clearly and efficiently. She accompanies participants through practice with ease and they leave feeling ready to use new skills.”

Rachel Woodward, coach and mediator at More Than Mediation

Workshops offered

½ day / 1 day / 2 days

(+ ongoing support to implement learning if necessary)

Datadock certified training (eligible for CPF funding)

We believe practice is the key. Our workshops are organised to reflect this – 10% theory, 30% exchange of experience, 60% practice – based on real work examples.