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Client recommendations

First of all, thank you Kay for being empathetic, actively listening and bringing positivity! Kay was coaching me during my first year in leadership path, she was my go to person. We had ~17 sessions together which proved to give meaningful impact in both my personal & professional tracks. She empowered me to rely more on personal values, improved my resilience by enabling me to self heal or even ask those powerful questions to others. Our conversations were fun & full of metaphors which later I could easily relate to my daily challenges. There is still a lot to learn for each of us and I would sincerely recommend Kay for guiding your conversation with yourself to unlock hidden potential.
Darius, Lead Product Designer, VINTED

I appreciate Ameliore’s approach and response to Haltiqa’s request to prepare my colleague to use his extensive management experience in an English-speaking environment. What was required was not simply language training but practical and directly exploitable situations in the field.
Lionel, Founder & Consultant, HALTIQA

Kay is a wonderful coach. She provides all her attention to ask meaningful question. I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to be coached by her. I’ve surpassed my objectives and feel super confident to continue in the direction we have built together. New challenges will come, and for sure, I will not hesitate to contact her again !
Gwendoline, Design Director, PAYFIT

Kay has been my coach for a period of time and I can’t speak high enough of her. I have seen such development in myself because of the work we have done. Her ability to really get you to think outside of the box, as well as great practical tasks have helped me develop in everyday situations, giving me more confidence in my role. There is value in every single session, as well as being enjoyable.
James, Manager, VIRGIN MONEY

Kay offered me support before and after my expatriation in the particular context of the Covid-19 crisis. I appreciated her availability and the rhythm of the sessions. She helped me to gain confidence in myself in order to better anticipate “culture shock” and my professional transition. Moreover, I learned to adapt to different types of intercultural communication.
Gilles, Airport Director, RENNES / BREST

Kay was able to adapt to my expectations and to the health crisis. This change was finally very beneficial for the dynamism of the training. Following this training, I noticed a better ease in speaking as well as an improvement in my understanding. In the end, Kay, with her constant good humour and adaptability, is a coach that I would recommend.
Gérard, Director of Production, LABORATOIRE DE LA MER

Your workshop was great, it was an excellent idea to add so much interactivity to it, we really enjoyed it and I’m certain we’ve all learnt something. Thank you for your energy, we really had a good time!
Claire, International Relations Manager, ENSIBS

I would recommend it to anyone! I appreciated the points of active listening in a business discussion: the proper context, letting go of my prejudices, and pausing… and it showed me the importance and power of open questions.
Marylène, Founder, CICONYA

Thank you and your team for your time and the wonderful session. We enjoyed it and thought that there were some really good takeaways for the participants.

An instructive, user-friendly programme that takes into account the different international contexts of the participants in order to provide them with appropriate advice and information.
Patrice, Project Manager, ORANGE

Kay works with us at the World Trade Centre in Rennes and the Chamber of Commerce of Ille-et-Vilaine to offer an international coaching service that allows business leaders and entrepreneurs to clarify their ideas, question them, and put in place the concrete steps to develop their project. I have seen it in action and I can attest to the benefits that this service brings.
Nicholas, Business Developer, WTC RENNES BRETAGNE

Kay created and facilitated tailored coaching sessions to meet the needs of our team. their professional organisation and effectiveness, coupled with a warm and friendly service, created an excellent learning environment that inspired our employees to take action
Jennifer, Founder, GREEN TALK / FEMMES A RENNES 

I benefited from Kay’s coaching sessions for almost six months. Kay provided me with valuable food for thought. Our sessions allowed me to make a number of challenging decisions in a more serene manner. Kay offered me this service in English: this was a real added value as I was also able to improve my English and deepen my knowledge of anglo-saxon business culture, which is essential for my profession.
Véronique, HR Director, ORANGE

Kay provides high quality and relevant support. Her absolute respect for confidentiality allows us to work in complete confidence and in depth on difficult subjects. I have been able to develop my role as a leader in an international group.
Valérie, General Director, DELTA DORE (2008 – 2018)

Kay helped me to think about what I wanted to do, to structure my goals and to focus on the really important things and how I could achieve them. It helped me to focus and prioritise. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to look at problems in a different way and find appropriate solutions.
Yannick, Chief Procurement &  Partnership Officer, DELTA DORE