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Understand, discuss & act…


Many of us want to take action to make our teams, workplaces and communities more equitable and inclusive. But where do we start, especially when conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion can be sensitive?

Disability, gender, ethnic origin, social background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation… There are many causes of discrimination that still prevent millions of people from finding a home, a job or a salary that matches their skills. These injustices generate not only frustration, anger and hatred of self and others, but also an enormous loss of talent! These losses are estimated at 400 billion dollars worldwide. These inequalities are also the breeding ground for the social violence that undermines our democracies. Yet this discrimination, which stems from stereotypes of which we are all too often unaware, affects us all. No one is immune. There is therefore an urgent need to become aware of the cognitive biases at work when it comes to discrimination. This is the aim of Diversity Fresk.

Designed by ESSEC Business School as part of its ecological and social transition, it enables participants to share knowledge based on the academic expertise of Junko Takagi, Senior Professor of the ESSEC Leadership & Diversity Chair, and on research in cognitive science and social psychology.

This is the first step in a process aimed at building a more inclusive and peaceful society. The Diversity Fresk aims to be to social challenges what the Climate Fresk is to climate challenges!

As a certified ‘fresker’, Ameliore proposes Diversity Fresk workshops and follow-up support to help companies implement concrete action plans.

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