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Developing an international mindset


Have you ever worked with someone from a different culture (national, regional, generational or organisational…) and been confused or irritated? The problem is that, unlike our behavioural styles, our cultural values are harder to detect but can have an impact on many aspects of professional communication – attitude to deadlines, decision-making, self expression, politeness – the list is endless. So you need to be aware of your own culture and of the people around you, rush to negative judgement, which in turn can negatively impact productivity.

Taking part in one of Ameliore’s interactive workshops, based on cutting-edge research in the intercultural field, you will improve your ability to reduce the potential negative impact of your own cultural lens.

Managing a multicultural team


Ensuring that your multicultural team is productive and happy, is one of the biggest challenges for an internationla manager. Add to this the fact that most intercultural teams work virtually, it’s even more important to help your team communicate in the best possible way.

We can fall into the trap of making generalisations about how people from a specific culture will act, based on existing intercultural research. While this research can be an interesting guide to bear in mind, it does not take into account the complexity of who we are as individuals. The way we act and communicate aren’t just a product of our culture. We humans are far more complicated than that! Teams need the opportunity to build relationships over time, to get to know the people they work with and to build trust. Ameliore can help you and your teams develop these moments of awareness and provide tools for adaptation.

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