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As a manager, what is your greatest challenge?


When I ask my clients this question, most of them answer “people”! The reason is often simple. The people in front of me are talented, highly trained in their field and competent in their work. However, in the course of their studies and careers, little time has been devoted to developing those skills – the people skills – that help us build trust, create empathy and communicate openly. Often referred to as ‘soft skills’, these competencies are traditionally seen as an asset rather than an essential key to success. Yet they are essential if you want to be an effective leader. And, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing ‘soft’ about embarking on the process of developing people skills. It takes courage to become more self-aware, as well as time and effort to test, learn and improve over time. Ameliore is here to support you in this process of professional and personal development, with the help of a number of tools that will make the journey a little easier and perhaps even more fun!

Understanding yourself and others


The DiSC tool (..not test!) doesn’t claim to analyse you like a horoscope, telling you who you are and how you will act in every possible situation. But it is a scientific approach that describes which of the 4 behavioural styles you generally prefer. It’s an excellent way to understand your own style and that of your team so that you can work better together. Wiley’s DiSC profiling tool is the most validated of all DiSC tools and one of the most internationally recognised. It provides valuable insights into how you make decisions, what motivates you and what can stress you out. This is very important information to understand as a manager, but also to share within teams so team members can adapt more easily to each other.

Would like to know more?

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